MSN reposted an article by The Patch editor, Emily Leayman, of which featured the news of Kaiser Permanente’s generous $65,000 grant on The Patch’s Vienna, VA website.

“FAIRFAX COUNTY, VA — The nonprofit Pathway Homes will use a grant to hire staff to help connect homeless residents with services in Fairfax County and DC…”

“The nonprofit received a $65,000 grant from Kaiser Permanente to start a program to get homeless people in Fairfax County and DC into permanent supportive housing. With this grant, Pathway Homes will hire an outreach specialist to locate homeless residents in Fairfax County and Washington, DC and help them into permanent supportive housing. With the first year of the grant, the nonprofit anticipates it can get 75 homeless people into supportive housing.”

“‘People living in the woods and streets tend to be challenged with serious mental illnesses and other medical conditions,’ said Pathway Homes CEO Sylisa Lambert-Woodard in a statement. ‘If we can gain their trust, we can help more people get housing and the services they need to reclaim their lives. In partnership with DC and Fairfax, our new outreach effort will boost the existing processes for helping people get off the streets.’”