Our Holiday Wish List

Not everyone has a turkey on the table this holiday season. Help us ensure others have a warm, safe place to call home.

Help us get them HOME.

Pathway Homes relies on financial support from the community and countless volunteers to provide comfortable, safe homes and support for those with serious mental illnesses.

Recovery is possible and happens every day.

Pathway Homes helps make recovery possible for those with serious mental illness.  We currently provide community-based homes and support services for nearly 600 adults.

News from Pathways

Fairfax County Times: Pathway Homes honored at VGHA

Fairfax County Times features our award for our Urban Garden Program! "Pathway Homes’ received the Best Housing Program award during the Virginia...

Fairfax Connection: Award for Pathway Homes’ Urban Gardens

Fairfax Connection features our award for our Urban Garden Program! "Pathway Homes received the Best Housing Program award during the Virginia...

Pathway Homes Honored at Virginia Governor’s Housing Conference for Urban Garden Program

Pathway Homes’ received the Best Housing Program award during the Virginia Governor’s Housing Conference (VGHA) for its work in establishing an urban garden program. Pathway Homes started the program to address a variety of behavioral and health needs of its clients.

Pathway Homes provides housing and supportive services to adults with serious mental illness and other co-occurring disabilities in Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Through our HOUSING FIRST model of care, Pathway Homes served 1,553 men and women in 2021 with 505 permanent supportive housing units.

Our services are cost-effective for the community with a significant savings to Northern Virginia compared to the costs of incarceration or hospitalization. Most importantly, the services we provide help ensure that those in need do not “fall through the cracks”.


92% of Pathway residents remain out of psychiatric hospitals.


97% of Pathway residents remained out of jails.


96% of Pathway residents remain in permanent housing during the year

Data from Fiscal Year 2021

104.7 WONK-FM CEO’s You Should Know: Dr. Sylisa Lambert-Woodard

Sylisa on Comcast News Makers

In Her Own Words

My name is Sue Zywokarte. I have served on the Board of Pathway Homes since 2006 and I was a Pathways consumer until recently. I now live independently. I was fortunate to come to Pathway Homes in 2002. My journey before I came to Pathways involved struggles with mental illness, substance abuse and eventually, homelessness. I struggled with relationships with people.

Part of me had a strong need to connect to people, but I never really felt like I fit in. I did well in school  – but I had a hard time connecting with other kids. I felt somehow that I didn’t belong.

This conflict – between feeling secure only when I was alone and yet wanting to connect with people – left me sometimes feeling worried and sad. I was diagnosed with depression in high school and had periods where I was feeling better as a young adult, but these periods got shorter, and the substance abuse magnified my mood swings. I dropped out of Virginia Tech. My family tried to help but nothing was working. I had trouble maintaining a place to live because relationships with roommates made me so uncomfortable and I couldn’t afford my own apartment.

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You Can Help

Donate and Volunteer

Pathway Homes relies on the generous support of individuals, local businesses, corporate partners and faith-based communities.  

We need financial and in-kind donations, expertise, volunteer hours and the support of landlords in Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. 

Walk to End Homelessness

Join Our Team

Pathway Homes has been named one of the “Best Nonprofits to Work For” for several years by Nonprofit Times! Our employees feel supported by their supervisors, have opportunities to acquire new skills, and feel good about what they do. Come work for an organization that believes in recovery, hope and self-determination!

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