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Consumer Involvement

Consumer Directed Housing

Pathway Homes is proud to sponsor the first consumer-directed residential program in Northern Virginia.  These single-family homes house both men and women who take the lead in how the household is run day-by-day.

Peer Support

Pathway Homes was one of the first agencies in Northern Virginia to employ individuals with lived experience of mental health services to serve as peer counselors/recovery coaches.  These individuals serve on the clinical teams, bringing their unique perspective to programs that provide services to other consumers.

Consumer Advisory Council

The Consumer Advisory Council (CAC) provides a formal channel for consumer review and evaluation, and for participation in the provision of services.  Comprised of individuals served, the CAC meets on a regular basis to ensure on-going input/feedback from consumers of Pathway Homes' programs.  Members identify current service needs and anticipate future needs as guided by resident feedback; provide recommendations to Pathway Homes' management team regarding methods of enhancing consumer empowerment and provision of services; and serve as representative/liaison for any concerns or issues rising from any Pathway Homes' programs.  The CAC maintains a confidential feedback mechanism to encourage honest input from individuals served and to ensure all have the opportunity to have their voice heard.

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