For August we are celebrating Black Philanthropy Month!

Founder, Dr. Jackie Bouvier Copeland, and the Pan-African Women’s Philanthropy Network (PAWPNet) created BPM to highlight the collaborative efforts of generosity among the black community. Alongside her architects, Valaida Fullwood and Tracey Webb, two prominent black philanthropists in the DC area, Dr. Copeland has established BPM with high-impact events, media stories, proclamations, and service projects online and in communities with local and global recognition.

Their theme for 2020 is “Foresight:20/20,” yet we can’t help but devolve in hindsight when discussing black philanthropy with Pathway Homes’ President and CEO, Sylisa Lambert-Woodard. She found herself recalling growing up in a home filled with individuals of different backgrounds that her mother had kindly opened her home to. Growing up, she met many friendly faces, some even earning the term “aunt” and “uncle.” Upon living in a home that provided housing to individuals in need, it seems only destiny for her to lead Pathway Homes mission in doing the same for the NoVa community.

We hope you join us in celebrating Black Philanthropy Month! Interested in learning more? Click here: