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Supportive Services

Case Management

Case management refers to the coordination of community services for individuals with mental illnesses and/or co-occurring disabilities by allocating a professional to be responsible for the assessment of need and implementation of recovery plans. The goal is simply to help individuals live successfully in the community.

The foundation of case management is an ongoing, person-centered recovery plan. Beginning with an assessment to identify areas of need, personal resources, strengths and goals, the recovery plan is developed by the individual and their case manager together, and updated at regular intervals or whenever a marked change occurs.

In partnership with the individuals we serve, a Pathway Homes case manager often:

  • assesses goals, strengths and needs,
  • identifies skills, benefits and services available to support recovery goals,
  • provides links to those benefits, services and supports,
  • coordinates services, and
  • monitors quality of care and progress toward goals.

Health and Wellness Support

Supportive services that promote physical well-being and enhance physical wellness can include any of the following:

  • symptom management,
  • medication monitoring,
  • crisis intervention,
  • health monitoring,
  • safety assessment,
  • substance abuse relapse prevention, and
  • medical case management and counseling.

Skill Building

Pathway Homes' counselors work with each individual to create and implement an individualized recovery plan that emphasizes the enhancement of daily life skills.  With a belief that “Recovery IS Possible, we work with each individual to help them achieve their greatest level of self-sufficiency and fulfillment.  Education, training, and practice activities help build skills in areas such as:

  • personal hygiene,
  • food preparation,
  • household chores,
  • job readiness skills,
  • money management,
  • social and interpersonal skills, and
  • integrating within the community.

Social & Recreational Services

At Pathway Homes, we recognize the importance of "the good life" and invest in helping the individuals we serve and the staff that support them in living a healthy, balanced life.  As such, our Recovery approach reflects the thinking that social and recreational activities which focus on meaning and self-actualization are therapeutic and contribute to an individual's mental health, and overall sense of well-being.  Field trips, art exhibitions, birthday and holiday parties, and other agency-wide events help to improve the quality of life of the individuals we serve.

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