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What We Do:  Health Care and Client Services

Pathway Homes is a dedicated partner in the ongoing efforts to prevent and end homelessness in our community.  We provide services to adults with severe mental illnesses and/or co-occurring disorders, including substance abuse or intellectual disabilities, in two ways:

  • we situate individuals with a history of homelessness in supported housing, and
  • we provide supportive services to others, allowing them to retain their own housing.

In both cases, our recovery-based approach affords each individual the opportunity to remain in the community while receiving services.

Pathway Homes provides non-time-limited housing.  Our approach follows the Housing First model, an evidence-based practice that looks at housing as a resource, rather than a reward, for recovery.  It is an approach to ending homelessness that centers on providing permanent housing first and then providing services as offered and accepted.

Our housing programs incorporate a continuum-of-care approach that meet each individual’s needs, where they are, at their unique point on their road to recovery.  As a result of this person-focused approach, 98% of the individuals we serve remain in permanent housing.


This is how we prevent homelessness, by providing supportive services that help people stay in their home.  Case management services focus on helping individuals attain and strengthen the skills needed to manage their mental and physical health, maintain their home, enhance personal relationships, develop healthy life habits, and promote the achievement of personal goals.


What truly makes Pathway Homes unique is the degree of consumer involvement.  The individuals we serve are actively engaged in their recovery process.  Pathway Homes launched the first consumer-directed housing program in Northern Virginia.  A Consumer Advisory Council meets regularly to provide feedback to the agency.  And Pathway Homes employs several individuals with a lived experience of mental illness as peer support counselors.


At Pathway Homes, our talented counselors and support staff are committed to helping each individual acquire the needed skills and confidence to achieve their greatest level of self-sufficiency and fulfillment.  That’s what we mean by Embodying the Spirit of Recovery.


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What We Do:  Housing Acquisition

The very nature of permanent supportive housing means that in order to serve more individuals, to realize our vision, we must continually acquire more housing units.  Though sometimes challenging, Pathways’ success is based on a philosophy of creative problem solving and a collaborative model of housing acquisition.

Pathway Homes owns 57 properties, some of which were obtained through estate planning and family donation.  Others were purchased through a number of federal and state grant funds, including Community Development Block Grants.  When the housing crisis led to a glut of foreclosure properties in the region, Pathway Homes was able to utilize funding from the Neighborhood Stabilization Program to acquire and refurbish several homes, helping to preserve the integrity of neighborhoods and stabilize property values.

Pathway Homes also leases apartments, townhouses, and single family homes from private property owners.   Under housing programs administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), individuals who meet the definition of homelessness will pay 30% of their adjusted net income in rent, and Pathway Homes provides the HUD-backed subsidy for the difference.

In other cases, properties are owned by a partner agency that then contracts with Pathway Homes to manage the day-to-day activities and provide the case management and supportive services to the residents of those homes.


What We Do:  Education and Advocacy

Pathway Homes’ advocacy work seeks to build support for public policies to protect and improve access to permanent supportive housing and mental health services in the public and private sectors.  We support initiatives to prevent and end homelessness, and increase availability of and access to effective recovery services for adults with mental illnesses and/or co-occurring disabilities.

Policy change is one major way we can make a difference in the lives of people living with mental health conditions and their families. Pathway Homes lends its voice and experience to support legislative and public policy work at the county level, in the state legislature, and with federal agencies.

Building a coalition and effecting change begins by educating the public and breaking down the stigma and stereotypes that often accompany the homeless and mental illness.  Through public awareness activities and events, Pathway Homes encourages knowledge and understanding, and seeks to make sure local communities understand the importance of mental health care and the role of permanent supportive housing.

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