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Pathway Homes’ programs across the continuum of care

Pathway Homes has a variety of programs which span the continuum of care, meeting individual support needs from highly supported to highly independent. All of Pathways’ programs are licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia and comply with the American Disabilities Act. The programs include:

  • Stevenson Place Assisted Living Facility (ALF)   Pathways operates a 36-bed ALF in Fairfax city. In addition to 24-hour supportive mental health care, it provides comprehensive services for medical, nursing and personal care needs.
  • Consumer-Directed Housing   Pathway Homes is proud to sponsor the first consumer-directed residential program in Northern Virginia.  These single-family homes house both men and women who take the lead in how the program is structured and managed.
  • In-Home Supports Program   Pathway Homes owns and operates two eight-person residences, one for men and one for women. These highly supported environments provide training and education in daily living skills and managing symptoms of mental illness.
  • Semi-Independent and McKinney Homes    Pathways owns and operates six semi-independent houses serving 18 individuals. Staff members are present at scheduled times, generally weekday afternoons and evenings and occasionally on weekends, working with residents on independent living skills and individual goals. Another 56 semi-independent residents in 15 townhouses are served through the McKinney program. Before becoming McKinney program participants, these residents were homeless. This program is funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
  • Supported Living   Pathways provides services to adults in their own homes through supported living programs in Arlington and Fairfax. In these programs, counselors provide support and case management services on a flexible and individualized basis.
  • Supported Housing Options Program (SHOP)   This program, a partnership with the Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board, employs consumers of mental health services as mental health counselors providing services to more than 150 consumers.The goal of this program is to assist individuals to obtain their own, independently leased permanent community housing and provide the flexible and personalized support needed to maintain it.

For information about qualifications or for access to our application, please visit our “Becoming a Resident” page.

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