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Summer of the Arts 2018 – June 15th through July 11th

Summer of the Arts 2018 – June 15th through July 11th


The Summer of the Arts Exhibit showcases the creativity of many of our community members who are living with mental illness, and captures our residents’ use of art to express their journey to recovery from mental illness. The event supports their talents by providing a wonderful opportunity for the individuals Pathway Homes serves to display their artwork publicly at an event that many look forward to all year. This anticipation and excitement is heightened by the fact that the resident's pieces are displayed in a real, working art gallery, among other local, talented artists.

“We are proud to present an event filled with self-expression and creation that provides people in our community living with mental illnesses with a feeling of accomplishment and a means for recovery,” said Pathway Homes’ President and CEO Sylisa Lambert-Woodard. “The Summer of the Arts Exhibit not only helps raise awareness, but it also gives our participants a time to creatively express themselves in unique and beautiful ways and to share that directly with our community.”

Humans have been drawing for thousands of years as a way to better understand the world around them. The very core of our humanity has been documented through art; and we use this medium to validate and analyze our frame of mind. For many individuals managing the symptoms of mental illness, drawing and painting provide a therapeutic outlet to express and understand their mental state. As a result, these artists exhibit works of raw beauty and inspiration.

The Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia plays host to this year's exhibit. Our artists' works will be on display from June 15 through July 11, 2018.   The artist reception will be held at the community center on Sunday, June 24, 2018 from 4 to 6 p.m.   Please come and meet the artists and learn more about their inspirations and techniques.

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