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“Ahoha Ohana Hoaloha” Means Welcome Family and Friends

“Ahoha Ohana Hoaloha” Means Welcome Family and Friends

cookout flierPathway Homes’ 28th Annual Summer Cookout was held on Saturday, June 11th at Nottaway Park in Vienna.  More than 200 consumers, staff, volunteers, friends and family enjoyed a day of wonderful food, friendship, games and prizes.   This year’s luau theme included brightly colored tropical decorations, a surfer’s-wave-themed photo backdrop, and paper flower leis for everyone in attendance.

Although it was a warm day, the trees at Nottoway Park provided ample shade, and a nice breeze kept everyone cool.  Participants had their pictures taken in front of the “surf’s up” back-drop, tested their abilities with hula hoops, and caught up with friends and family.  The Pathway Homes Consumer Advisory Council was present not only to share valuable information about their role in the agency, but also to kick off their voter registration campaign, an effort to get individuals served by Pathways qualified to vote in this fall’s presidential election.

The afternoon wrapped up with the presentation of the milestone recognition awards.  President and CEO Sylisa Lambert-Woodard recognized those individuals who have been with Pathways on their journey to recovery for five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five and thirty years.  The climax of the event was the moment everyone looks forward to each year: the drawing for door prizes. This year, the prizes included gift certificates to many local restaurants and stores as well as the crisp $100 bill grand prize.  Everyone agreed that a fun time was had by all and are already looking forward to next year’s event.

Pathways board member emeritus Emil Franks and current board member Jim Ross present Partnering With Pathways Recognition Awards to to the following consumers:

cookout-5yearsFive Years: Pamela Mulner, Lora Roberts, Patricia Kasun, and Dewit Belay.  Not pictured: Sarah Beale, Pamela Davis, Craig Patak, and Lawrence Staves.


cookout-10yearsTen Years: Bruce Galloway and Sherril Crawford.  Not pictured: Geoff Hohein and Marti Kelly.


cookout-15yearsFifteen Years: Steven O'Connor, Sandra Murphy, and Mitchell Kato.  Not pictured: Joyce Clark.



cookout-20yearsTwenty Years: (front row) Varuni Davundesekera, Ajay Gupta, Margaret Anthony, Paula Weidmann, (back row) Aaron Lichtenstein, Benjamin Goozner.  Not pictured: Susan Beck, Spence Galloway, and Harvey Herndon



cookout-30yearsThirty Years:  Thomas Swensen

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