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Thanking Our Donors

Thanking Our Donors

Pathways’ residents were able to accomplish so much this year thanks to your generous financial and in-kind gifts as well as donation of your time and talents.  Specifically, we received a donated home this year as well as several items of furnishings and housewares donated by local churches and scout troops.  Using donated funds, we were able to purchase a van so residents in our Prince William County ALF could get to many daily activities and appointments.  Beyond getting around in the community, the pride of living in a community with a beautiful home inside and out helps instill the hope and motivation that aids those we serve as they work to meet their recovery goals. Donated professional services and volunteer hours helped renovate and landscape many of the houses the individuals we serve call home.

Again this year, the individuals we serve continue to integrate into the community and experience aspects of the “Good Life” thanks to financial contributions and volunteer time.  For example, over twenty residents gained or improved computer skills at the Pathways Computer Training Center.   Also, a bus-load of residents took a trip to the National Portrait Gallery and they were inspired to exhibit and sell several of their own creations in Pathways 3rd Summer of the Arts Exhibition, held in July at the Lorton Workhouse.  Additionally, many residents received free haircuts from the Hair Cuttery and were able to attend a Potomac Nationals game with donated tickets from HomeAid and over one hundred enjoyed the Pathways Annual Cookout in June.  Many more residents celebrated at the Annual Resident Holiday Party which, for some, was the highlight of their holiday season.

On behalf of the individuals we serve, we thank you, our donors and our volunteers, for making it all possible.

PlatinumPlatinum Level Donors

Bank of America Foundation
Capital One Services
Mr. and Mrs. John J. and Joyce Flynn
The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
Potomac Health Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Homer and Sue Ann Purdy


GoldGold Level Donors

Mr. and Mrs. James A. and Miriam Ross
United Way/CFC of the National Capitol Area
Virginia Housing Development Authority


SilverSilver Level Donors

Allstate Foundation
America's Charities
Mr. James H. Bresson
Mr. Patrick Chaing, Esquire
Ms. Carol Colza
Credible Behaviorial Software
Durig Family Foundation
The Freddie Mac Foundation
Mr. Daniel Gray, Esquire
HIMSS NCA Charity Program
Jean Schiro-Zavela & Vance Zavela Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Takehiko and Linda Kato
Kings Park Shopping Center
Dr. Sylisa Lambert-Woodard
Mrs. Angie Lathrop
Mr. Martin G. Lichtenstein
Mrs. Jennifer McGarey
Mr. and Mrs. Ken and Jennifer McKenzie
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy and Diane Naughton
Mr. Eric Riddell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Christine Rudisill III
Dr. Theresa Clement Tisdale and Mr. Melvin Roger White
Mrs. Trang Ton
Wells Fargo Foundation
Mr. Robert Worster III


BronzeBronze Level Donors

Mr. Roman P. Abanador
Ms. Terri E. Abblett
Ms. Nita Acey
Mr. John Albanese
Ms. Dara L. Aldridge
AmazonSmile Foundation
Ms. Geeta Anand
Applied Engineering Management Corp
Ms. Rahwa Y. Asghedom
Mrs. Patti Aston
Ms. Claydine Bailey
Ms. Sondra Barksdale
J. Lamar and Jannette Beasley
Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Vivienne Becchetti
Maj. Gen. and Mrs. Ron and Judy Beckwith
Ms. Winell Belfonte CohnReznick
Ms. Emelia Beltran Trust
Ms. Katie Benson
Mr. Kenneth Bingham
Mrs. Mary Lou Bishop
Ms. Elizabeth Blakney
Mr. Samuel H. Bleier
Mr. and Mrs. Barry and Judy Bleiweis
Mr. and Ms. Edward and Joanne Boland
Mr. Walter Boland Jr.
Ms. Jennifer N. Boyle
Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Bragdon
Ms. Brenda Brennan
Ms. Geraldine Bridge
Mr. and Mrs. William F. and Lynne E. Brum Sr.
Mr. Ron Bub
Delegate David Bulova
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. and Janice H. Burns
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph and Melinda Burroughs Jr.
Mr. Christopher Call
Ms. Lynette Cameron
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Sharon Canner
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Christina Caraballo
Colliers International
Pastor Andy Casper
Mr. and Mrs. Kim Paul and Nancy Cawley
Mr. and Mrs. Romesh C. and Shashi K. Chohda
Ms. Karen Cholko
Mr. Kumpee Chuinklin
Ms. Sandra Cleva
Mrs. Arlette Constandy
Supervisor John Cook
Ms. Melvia E. Corcoran
Mr. Wiley E. Cross
Ms. Michelle Crouch
Mr. and Mrs. Rubin and Valerie Cuffee
Ms. Samantha Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Margarita Dale
Mr. Tu Dam
Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Lois Darnell
Mrs. Brittany Darner-Cruise
Ms. Shelley Davenport
Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Elizabeth Davidson
Ms. Jeannine B. Davies
Mr. Yafet Deferesu
Mr. and Mrs. Winston
Mrs. Lynda J. Dendtler
Ms. Abigail Denecke
Ms. Nigisti G. Desta
Ms. Molly Dias
Mr. Ronald D. Dietrich
Mr. and Mrs. Anjali and Vivek Dinghe
Ms. Mary Driver-Downs
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. and Joan Durman
Ms. Jennifer Earyes
Elks Auxiliary Arlington/Fairfax BPO Elks 2188
Mr. Baffour O. Ennin
ExxonMobil Foundation
Ms. Venecia M. Fernandez
Ms. Suzanne M. Ferrell
Country Hills Garden Club
Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn
Flax Associates
Ms. Sheila Fontroy
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert and Anita Ford
Costco Wholesale Corporation
Mr. Emil Franks
Mr. Greg Franks
Mr. and Mrs. Harry & Pam Freer
Ms. Nicole Frias
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gallagher
Mr. Donald J. Gantzer
Ms. Tracee Garner
Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Joyce Gibson
Ms. Betty Gordon
Ms. Carol I. Gordon
Ms. Anna Gradishar
Ms. Wendy Gradison
Mr. Gregory Green
Ms. Suzanne E. Grimsley
Mr. Tekalegn Guddeta
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Mary Hacker
Mrs. Michelle Halcombe
Mrs. Cenith Hall-Tibbs
Mr. and Mrs. Milton and Courtenay Hamilton
Ms. Shaniqua Harding
Rev. Sue Hardman
Ms. Joseline Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. and Marie P. Heilen
Helios HR
Ms. Oanh Henry
Ms. Katherine Hetrick
Mr. and Mrs. George R. and Georgine W. Higdon
Ms. Sandy Hill
Mrs. Mildred Holdaway
Mrs. Teresa Hollandsworth
Mrs. Meredith Hovan
Ms. Jerilynn B. Hoy
Ms. Judith Hoy
Ms. Leslie Hurdle
Ms. Ashley Inks
Mr. William Iwig
Mr. and Mrs. Frank & Sandra Jablonski
Mr. and Mrs. Keith and Christine Johnson
Mr. David Jones
Mr. Oscar Jones III
Mrs. Jennifer Judelsohn
Mr. Glenn M. Kamber
Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. and Mildred K. Kay
Mr. and Mrs. Doug and Cathy Kellermann
Mr. Craig Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Rob and Cynthia Kennedy
Ms. Gloria J. Kozich
Krafft A/C Service Corp.
Mr. David Lax
Ms. Jean LeForge
Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Shirley LeForge
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Joan Leonard
Mr. and Mrs. David and Lauren Leventhal
Ms. Xin Lin
Mrs. Singha Liskey
Mr. and Mrs. Kip and Mansi Loder
Ms. Genevieve Long
Mr. James Louviere
Ms. Traci Luzi
Ms. Norine Lyons
Ms. Marcia Mabee
Ms. Jeanne Mahoney
Ms. Diane Malaquias
Ms. Sarah Manaker
Ms. Judy F. Manhan
Mr. and Mrs. Oran A. and Annabelle G. Massey
Ms. Carol A. McAlee
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey R. and Bessie G. McConnell
Ms. Dotti McKee
Mr. and Mrs. Ed W. and Kerryn M. McMeans
Ms. Nicolete N. Mejia
Ms. Sherry Meyers
Ms. Linda H. Miller
Mr. Roger L. Miller
Ms. Sakin Mire
Ms. Kieran Mitchell
Mr. Mark Morgan
Mr. Gerard Morris
Mr. Mike Mullen
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick and Anne Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. and Ann G. Murphy
Mylestone Plans LLC
Ms. Avril Nasser
Network For Good
Ms. Linda Neuhaus
Ms. Carrie Newcome
Ms. Catherine E. Nicely
Mrs. Betsy Dye Nichols
Mrs. Lois Nichols
Mr. Eric G. Noriega
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Amparo E. O'Connell
Mr. and Mrs. Irvin and Mary Padgett
Mrs. Suzanne Paletti
Mr. and Mrs. David and Martha Peacock
Mrs. Kristian Pervin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Mary Pettit
Mr. and Mrs. Alex and Lynne Phillips
Mr. James Pol
Mr. and Mrs. Dean and Hallie Pollet
Ms. Diane V. Preece
Ms. Judith N. Prentiss
Mr. Nathaniel Prince
Ms. Carol Puglisi
Mr. and Mrs. Francis and Patricia Pulju
Ms. Martha H. Ragagli
Ravensworth Baptist Church Friendship Class
Mr. Michael Raynor
Mr. and Mrs. Dave M. and Lorraine C. Redman
Mr. and Mrs. Burton and Jeni Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg and Jean Reynolds
Col. and Mrs. Celeste T. Richardson (Ret.)
Ms. Anita Robinson
Mr. Douglas Robinson
Mr. Lawrence Rockwell
Mr. Will Rodgers
Ms. Eleanor H. Rogers
Dr. and Mrs. John and Joan Rogers
Ms. Sheeba Rooney
Mr. Jonathan C. Ross
Ms. Holly A. Roth
Ms. Tova Roth
Ms. Michelle Rovins
Mr. Thomas Rowe
Mr. Elhamy Samuels
Ms. Jampee Yui Sebera
Mr. and Mrs. Hank and Judy Seiff
Ms. Susan Senter
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. and Eileen L. Serice
Mr. Nicholas Serrano
Mr. Scott R. Sexauer
Mr. and Mrs. Kieran and Barbara Anne Sharpe
Mrs. Susan Sheehan
Mrs. Mary Jane Shepley
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Karen Shields
Mr. Randy L. Shusman
Mr. Matthew Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. and Joan R. Singer
Mr. Arvinder Singh
Mrs. Anna Smith
Mr. and Mrs. David and Vivian Smith
Mrs. Naomi N. Smouha
Ms. Anne Smyers
Softerware, Inc
Ms. Elaine Flynn Sommer
South County Staff
Ms. Margaret Squires
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Patti St. Thomas
Ms. Judy Stewart
Ms. Barbara Stinger
Mr. Tom Swanson
Ms. Ashley Taylor
Ted Britt Ford Sales, Inc.
Ms. Harriet L. Tenney
The K Foundation Members
Mrs. Nicole Thomas-Campbell
Ms. Jean Thompson
Dr. and Mrs. Jim and Mary Thorne
Mr. Gary F. Tobey
Ms. Ny Cam Huynh
Ms. Nita Tougias
Ms. Eliana V. Turina
Ms. Madline Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. and Nancy L. Ullrich
Mr. Daniel Unger
Mr. Shawn Valentine
Ms. Erin M. Varley
Ms. Karin Ventura
Dr. Eleanor Vincent
Virginia Commonwealth Corporation
Volunteers of America
Ms. Dinah Walter
Mr. David Warnock
Ms. Beverly J. Savich
Ms. Shannen Waters
Ms. Bertram F. Weintraub
Mr. Mark Werblood
Ms. Ellen Whalen
Ms. Det Whedon
Mrs. Ruth C. Wheeler
Mrs. Pam Wicksel-Zayer
Ms. Pauline Wilson
The Honorable Jane Woods
Ms. Purita Yee
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Sandra Zywokarte
Ms. Susan Zywokarte


Gifts-in-Kind Donors

Mr. and Mrs. Walter and Christine Barr
Ms. Dara L. Aldridge
Allegra Marketing Print Mail
Ms. Margaret Anthony
Ms. Yasha Arant
Arena Stage
Ms. Anne Baughman
Ms. Nancy Bevis
Mrs. Mary Lou Bishop
Blues Alley
Bowl America
Ms. Brenda Brennan
Mr. Donald Brown
Mr. Harold Brown
Ms. Joanne Buto
Ms. Fatima Calcuttawalla
Capitol Steps
Ms. Hildie Carney
Ms. Teresina Christy
Mr. Christopher Clark
Ms. Graciela Cokgoren
Ms. Lynda Davis
Mrs. Nigisti Desta
Mrs. Mary Driver-Downs
Mr. Ignacio Edejer
Mrs. Nancy Engleman
Mrs. Suzanne Ferrell
Ms. Anne Finley
Firenza Pizza - Fairfax
Girl Scout Service Unit 54-14
Mr. John Harold
Mr. Tom Heinz
Mrs. Chandra Holsey-Cookson
Ms. Sheila Hudson
Mr. Randall Ingalsbe
Ms. Janet Ioli
Ms. Liz Joseph
Kane Landscapes
Ms. Regina Kearney
Mr. and Mrs. Doug and Cathy Kellermann
Ms. Judi Kern
Ms. Adrienne Kish
Ms. Susan Kousek
Ms. Susan Kozich
Krafft A/C Service Corp.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Keri Lesniak
Ms. Amber Ludwinski
Ms. Allison Lunsford
Ms. J. Lynth
Ms. Anne Marie Finley
Mr. Sheikh Maruf
Mr. David Meyer
Mr. Carl Monk
Ms. Paula Montgomery
Mrs. And Mr. Elton and Alyssa Morel
Ms. Donna Morningstar
Ms. Catherine Moulthrop
Ms. Angela Mugnaini
New Earth Landscaping
Ms. Joanna Newman
Ms. Greta Nolan
Ms. Sandy O'Bannon
Outdoor Illuminations
Ovation Brands
Ms. Rosemary Pisaro
Mr. and Mrs. Dean and Hallie Pollet
Mr. Robert Pratt
Mr. and Mrs. Homer and Sue Ann Purdy
Mr. Amarjit Rathore
Mrs. Anna Smith
Mr. John Solnina
The Wharf
Mrs. Jeannette Tisdale
Mr. John Tisdale
Mr. George Todd
Ms. Kim Torpey
Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Judy Trimarchi
Mr. Thomas Ullrich
US Foods
Dr. Eleanor Vincent
Walmart Supercenter
Westwood Baptist Church
Mrs. Donna Wilcock
Mrs. Diane Wingett
Mr. Robert Worster, III

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