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Message from the President and CEO: New Year, New Plan

Message from the President and CEO: New Year, New Plan

Happy New Year.

As we begin a new calendar year, it's customary to also consider the start of a new year as a new beginning for other aspects of our lives. Some will begin to focus on a healthier lifestyle; some will commit to boosting their career; others may seek to get their finances in order. Whatever the choice, it's a great time to choose to focus on a better and brighter future.

Pathway Homes is doing the same. In fact, once every five years we commit to seeking a brighter future in a significant, planned, and strategic way. We know our vision is to create a future in which all individuals with mental illnesses and co-occurring disabilities are able to lead meaningful, self-directed lives in a home of their choice with the supports and services they need. But how do we know how best to see that vision come to fruition? By creating a strategic plan, implementing that plan, continually monitoring that plan, and every 5 years revising that plan to keep it relevant and focused on our mission.

This year we are engaging in that strategic planning process again. Since 2011 we have made significant strides in service delivery and business efficiency, guided by the last 5-year plan. Now, it's time to identify the strengths of the organization and the opportunities to apply those strengths to a broader marketplace, to help more individuals with serious mental illnesses. It's also a time to discuss external threats that impact efforts to fulfill our mission, so we are better prepared to respond to change. Lastly, we will look at organizational weaknesses that keep us from reaching our full potential, either in delivering the highest quality services, serving the most individuals possible, operating with the highest levels of efficiency and satisfaction, recruiting and retaining the most qualified and dedicated staff, or obtaining the broadest support for our mission from volunteers and financial contributors.

Our next strategic plan will help us project our future, and manage our growth. Pathway Homes is at a turning point. Our model of service delivery is recognized for its success and efficiency both nationally and internationally. Our agency currently has footprints in two states, Virginia and Florida. Our focus on the future will guide us as we make critical decisions pertaining to our infrastructure, capacity, and development.

Work on this new plan has already begun. A number of consultants have been retained to help us gather information and analyze specific aspects of the organization. Strategic planning meetings have been held with the Board of Directors and with Pathways staff. Additional meetings are being scheduled with consumers, family members, and partner agencies in order to obtain further insights as our agency moves forward. And the entire effort is being paid for with grant funding obtained from the Virginia Housing Development Authority.

Pathway Homes is where it is today, in part, as a result of the hard work put forth to implement our previous strategic plan. I am optimistic for our future, and grateful to lead this amazing team of dedicated professionals. With dedication of purpose and forethought of planning, there's nothing we can't accomplish together.

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Sylisa Lambert-Woodard, EdD, LCSW, LSATP, MAC
President and CEO

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