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Pathway Homes at Health & Fitness Expo

Pathway Homes at Health & Fitness Expo

fitness expoThe 23rd annual NBC4 Health & Fitness Expo took place January 8th and  9th, and Pathway Homes was invited to exhibit.  Following the news coverage of Senator Creigh Deeds’ mental health care reform committee visiting our office on November 12, 2015, NBC4 asked us to participate in this year’s expo.  As a result, Pathways had a tremendous opportunity to promote the work we do to an extremely large audience.

Dedicated staff members volunteered their time to man our booth for the two-day event.  They spoke with other mental health professionals, persons seeking services, family members looking for information to help loved ones, and potential supporters and volunteers.  In addtion to learning about our agency and what we do, visitors to our booth had an opportunity to play a game designed to engage the public in a conversation about mental illnesses and address the stigma associated with these conditions.

On Saturday, Pathway Homes Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Eleanor Vincent took the stage in the Changing Minds pavilion to speak about Pathway Homes, our commitment to the Housing First model of care, and how we have successfully cared for individuals with mental illnesses for over 30 years.

The NBC4 Health & Fitness Expo is designed to capture the attention of tens of thousands of health-conscious consumers, offering free health tests, screenings, demonstrations, participation events, and information.  This year marked the first year that a section of the expo was set aside specifically for services related to mental health.  “Changing Minds” is the name of NBC4’s on-going program, which spotlights the issue of mental health throughout the region.

Katie and Lauren F. at NBC4
Katie Benson and Lauren Foxwell were just two of the Pathways staff members who came out to share their passion for serving individuals with mental illnesses.

Eleanor NBC4
Pathway Homes Chief Operating Officer Dr. Eleanor Vincent speaks to individuals interested in learning about how permanent supportive housing results in recovery.


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