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Getting Connected with Pathways Family Group

Getting Connected with Pathways Family Group
Steve and Sharon Canner
Steve and Sharon Canner

The Pathway Homes Family Group wrapped up the year with a renewed focus on tapping into family members’ talents and expertise.  The last meeting of the year was held on October 21, 2015 and featured longtime Pathways family members, Sharon and Steve Canner, who led the discussion on “Getting Connected with Pathway Homes.”

The question asked of the family members present was, “What can we do to give back?”  Steve Canner went on to say, “non-time-limited housing and supports to our loved ones is a pretty big commitment!”  Family members in the room nodded in agreement and actively participated in the conversation that followed as the group tossed around ideas of ways they can give back.  Pathway Homes' Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Eleanor Vincent, explained, “We recognize not everyone has the ability to give monetarily but tapping into your personal networks can be just as effective because you never know what those people can bring to the table.” Sharon Canner summarized it perfectly at the end by stating “Once you are in Pathways they take good care of you and you don’t have to worry.”

Members of the group connected directly with Anna Smith, Director of Development, who was also in attendance, about donating professional skills and in-kind goods.  The group was also updated about the Senator Creigh Deeds visit and some expressed an interest in supporting the work of Pathways Board Advocacy Subcommittee.

In preparation for 2016, the family group was surveyed during the quarter.  Ten individuals responded.  Nine of the 10 individuals responded to the question regarding meeting times and 7 of those indicated that the current Wednesday evening meeting schedule and length of time works for them.  Respondents also indicated that the following topic would be of interest for the group in future meetings: Nitty-gritty about how Pathways promotes recovery (most requested); Schizophrenia; Update on mental health research and treatments; Depression; Pathway Homes Resident Advisory Council; Mental Health Advocacy; Recovery success stories; Personality Disorder; Housing options for individuals with Autism spectrum disorders; Pathway Homes history, structure, funding and growth.

The next meeting will be scheduled on the third Wednesday evening of February or March so stay on the lookout for that invitation.  Given the number of individuals requesting information about how Pathways promotes recovery, this topic will be prioritized for that meeting.

If we do not currently have you on our mailing list and you wish to join us in 2016, simply RSVP to


The Pathways Family Group meets on the third Wednesday of the second or third month each quarter.
We truly appreciate those family members who continue to support us by participating in these meetings each quarter.  Your partnership is invaluable to our success – thank you!

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