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Holiday Wish List 2015

Holiday Wish List 2015

Holiday Wish List is our annual campaign designed specifically to help Pathways provide our consumers and residents with the household items, services, and supports they need to continue on the road to recovery.  Many of the 467 individuals we serve come to us with no more than the clothes they have on. Their needs are great, but their wants are small.

In previous winters, many of these individuals were searching for a warm spot to sleep and food to fill their grumbling stomachs. Now that they have safe and secure housing, we want to help them make their space a home and re-build their lives.  The Wish List below shows you the specific items that have been requested this year, so that you know how your donation can and does brighten the home of someone on the road to recovery from mental illness.

There are two ways you can contribute:

  1. Make a secure, on-line financial contribution.
  2. Purchase a specific item from the list on

Holiday Wish List helps Pathways provide our consumers with the household items, services, and supports they need to continue on the road to recovery. The items we may take for granted may be the very items that restore hope for a better future.

As we celebrate the holidays, and embrace the season of giving and generosity, we hope you’ll extend that love and generosity to the individuals we are so privileged to serve. Your donation or your gift item from Amazon will brighten the home of someone on the road to recovery from mental illness and substance use disorders.

Holiday Wish List

  1. Vacuums ($50 to $150) Vacuums are the number one item requested by our residents. Whether hardwood or carpet, dust piles up. Many individuals we serve have respiratory issues and dust aggravates their quality of life. A good vacuum cleaner makes a huge difference! You can purchase vacuums from our Amazon Wish List at
  2. Microwave Ovens and Small Appliances ($40 to $150) If you can’t cook, frozen pre-made meals are a lifesaver. But they require a microwave oven to be able to heat them. A small, counter-top microwave, a coffee maker, a toaster - these kitchen appliances are badly needed, and greatly appreciated. You can also purchase these items from our Amazon Wish List at
  3. Furniture ($250 to $500) There is nothing better than slipping into a cozy bed on a winter night. We continually need new dressers, beds and mattresses for incoming residents. We also have aging furniture that needs to be replaced.
  4. Linens ($10 to $50) There are few better smells than the scent of freshly washed cotton sheets. New residents receive a good set of sheets and towels to go with their new home. Over time these wear out and need to be replaced. Residents also need other household linens like dish towels and pot holders. Use our Amazon Wish List at
  5. Large Appliance Replacements ($500 to $1,000) Many of our residents have retro lime green refrigerators. These decades-old refrigerators are not energy efficient, and food doesn’t keep as long, resulting in higher grocery bills and frequent trips to the store. Other items requiring replacement include stoves, dishwashers, water heaters and HVAC units.
  6. HVAC Annual Maintenance ($200 to $275) An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. ~ Benjamin Franklin. Keeping up with annual maintenance costs helps home systems last longer and run more efficiently. Smoothly running HVAC systems also keep the air cleaner and provide a healthy environment.
  7. Ceiling Fans ($50 to $150) Ceiling fans increase comfort for our residents by warming in winter, or helping to cool a room in summer. More importantly, they help reduce energy costs; a consideration any homeowner can relate to. And every dollar saved in energy costs is a dollar available for supportive services.
  8. Summer Cookout & Holiday Party ($5,000) Each year, Pathway Homes’ residents, friends and family and staff have gathered for our Annual Cookout in May and Holiday Party in December. When we started these traditions, we served less than 100 people. We now serve over 400! Our family is growing and we need your help to continue the traditions.
  9. Professional Cleaning Services ($100) Even the most fervent housekeepers know that there’s nothing like a good, deep professional spring cleaning. It awakens a home after the dreary winter and helps rejuvenate the mind and the spirit.  What a wonderful way to support our residents, many of whom rely on these simple gestures to remind them of the better life that comes with a commitment to recovery.
  10. Technology ($700) With real-time access to health records, counselors work more effectively with the residents developing their recovery plans. By continuing to upgrade our agency technology, counselors have more face-to-face with the individuals they serve instead of having to manage outdated paper records.
  11. Small Hand and Power Tools ($100 to $250) We have a skilled and dedicated team that maintains our properties, handling emergency repairs and regular upgrades. But as we have expanded our inventory of homes, one set of tools is no longer adequate.  Your contributions would enable us to acquire a second set of hammers, screw drivers, cordless drills, circular saws, work lights, plastering tools, plumbing tools, and other equipment so our crews continue to serve our residents in a timely manner.
  12. Maintenance Vehicle ($30,000) Of course having the tools needed for our maintenance crew is just the first step. A maintenance van is also needed so that two fully-equipped maintenance crews are able work on different properties simultaneously. Of course, the goal is faster response to improve the care and comfort of our residents.


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