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Rave Reviews for Pathways Computer Training Center

Rave Reviews for Pathways Computer Training Center

Since the opening of Pathway Homes Computer Training Center in June this year, 13 students have enjoyed eighty-eight hours of training learning the basics of typing, Microsoft Word and how to navigate the Internet. Eight dedicated volunteers have worked with these students over the past four months and given their time not only facilitating the course, but also providing critical feedback on the newly designed curriculum.

One student shares her motivation for taking the course, “I want to learn Microsoft Word and Excel so that I can secure an office position.” Another student shares, “My volunteer is very knowledgeable. I learned a lot.”

One volunteer shares her best experience, “Seeing the smiles on the consumers faces when they feel that they understand what they have learned--also their thanks each day before we leave, priceless!”
If you would like to volunteer at the training center, please contact Abigail Denecke. If you receive services from Pathway Homes and would like to sign up for a class, please contact Anna Smith. Both Abigail and Anna can be reached at 703-876-0390.

The Pathways Computer Training Center was made possible by a generous donation from Capital One, Maximus Foundation and an anonymous donor. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to use these funds to offer job readiness training to those we serve in a manner we would not otherwise be able to. Additional benefits to those who participate include opportunities for socialization, community integration, and increased self-confidence overall.

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