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A Make-Over For the Computer Training Center

A Make-Over For the Computer Training Center
Volunteers paint a bench
Veris Group Finishes the Last Touches on a new Bench Swing for West Ox.

On July 11, 2014, the Pathways Computer Training Center received a make-over.  With the help of Kara Best, Pathways’ Event Coordinator Intern, the Veris Group gave the center a facelift that lightened the space and captured the essence of the center. Stencil quotes created by Kara, some as long as 9ft, were taped to the walls and used by the Veris Group to paint the inspirational quotes. While half the Veris Group balanced on chairs, couches, and tables with paint brushes in hand, the other half assessed and then removed the old bench swing in the yard, which was unsteady at best and a safety risk at worst. The team ordered a new bench swing to replace the old swing and promised to return to put it together.  On September 6, the Veris Group volunteers did just that. The new backyard bench swing sits under the shade of maple trees, is a beauty to behold, and promises to be a safe and peaceful place to relax.

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