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Portrait of A Volunteer

Portrait of A Volunteer

By: Abigail Denecke

Deanne Doan began volunteering with Pathway Homes in the fall of 2011. “I wanted to give back to the community,” says Doan, “and when I saw a request for a volunteer drawing buddy, I knew I had found a good match. I love drawing.”

Twice a month, Doan visits with Ron, a resident of Pathway Homes, and they draw. Finding inspiration in images found in automotive and other technology magazines, Doan and Ron draw and then share their drawings with each other.

Wheelie Bar Car

“Ron’s favorite images are military vehicles (tanks, helicopters, fighter jets, etc.) or dune buggies, race cars, and motorcycles,” says Doan. “Though we don’t talk much while we’re drawing, there is a strong sense of camaraderie in just sitting in the same room while enjoying a shared hobby. I must say, volunteering as a drawing buddy has been astronomically rewarding. Now I feel like everyone should look at how they’re spending their time and find a way to volunteer too.”

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