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Poetic Expression

Poetic Expression
Photo Courtesy: Horia Varlan via Flickr
Photo Courtesy: Horia Varlan

Have you ever been so excited or happy, so angry, fearful or anxious that you couldn’t quite put into words just how you felt?  One individual with no such problem is Aaron Lichtenstein, a Pathways’ resident in Annandale who frequently sends original poems or musical lyrics to family, friends and staff via email.  Aaron is known for his colorful use of punctuation and carefree capitalization to precisely capture his mood.  He recently completed an Introduction to Spanish course at a local community college.  After enrolling, he sent the following poem expressing his excitement and anxiety about tackling the new language and passing the course.  For those on the edge of their seats – we won’t keep you in suspense…he passed!

Subject: Spanish

By: Aaron Lichtenstein

Friends and Family !!!!!

I AM Siked.

I AM Afraid of getting crushed by an entire new Language.

My co-workers who speak Spanish as a first Language at McDonald’s are on my side.

For The Water Of The Vast Ocean !!!!!  SO many words and phrases.

Passing this class would be Like beating four hours in a marathon.

Soul Surfer is my idol.

Must be serious.

Must be smart.

Must go for it.

Must pass !!!!!

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