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Maintenance on the Move: Ready to Roll

Maintenance on the Move: Ready to Roll

By: Brenda Brennan

Imagine the eclectic accumulation of tools and supplies needed to care for all of Pathways Homes’ properties.  Plumbing snakes, power drills, ladders, all varieties of nails and screws – everything needed to expedite our responsiveness in getting to a home to address and resolve problems or complete required ongoing maintenance and repairs.  Now imagine that amassing of on-hand supplies ready to roll at a moment’s notice.

Maintenance Van
Pathway Homes’ Maintenance Technicians stand proudly next to the newest member of their team: a 2004 Chevy Van Express. “The storage racks make everything accessible and we know where everything is” says Mauricio Rovira (left) with Estanislau Diaz.

Pathways is proud of the work done day-in and day-out by our two Maintenance Technicians, Estanislau Diaz and Mauricio Rovira.  Each and every day they are responsible for diagnosing and resolving anything that isn’t working in one of our properties.  But a silent third member of their maintenance team ensures they can get their jobs done quickly and efficiently: a dedicated maintenance van, used daily, not only provides transportation to each location, but is also a rolling warehouse of tools and supplies needed for most recurring home repairs.   Unfortunately, after many years of loyal service, the small 1996 Mazda mini-van that had been utilized as a maintenance van was in need of costly repairs and an engine overhaul.   The difficult decision was made that it was time replace the old van and invest in the future with a larger, more functional vehicle for our Maintenance Team.  A large 2004 Chevy Van Express was purchased loaded with ample shelving and cabinetry for supply and equipment storage.

Our Maintenance Team is thrilled to have been provided this functional and reliable vehicle, an essential piece of equipment to help make their daily maintenance job easier and more efficient. “I am extremely happy with the van,” says Mauricio Rovira, “I love everything about it; the way it drives, how comfortable it is, how much room it has and how much easier it is to find tools and supplies.”

“The new van is spacious and allows me to store more equipment and supplies,” agrees Estanislau Diaz.  “I also enjoy having air conditioning in the summer months when I’m driving from one house to the next on hot days after I’ve been working hard,”

A restricted fund made possible by generous donations and through the vehicle donation program administered by Volunteers of America, enabled Pathways to replace the 1996 mini-van with the newer cargo van.


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