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A Fond Farewell

A Fond Farewell

By: Abigail Denecke

Edward F. Lloyd, Jr.
Edward Franklin Lloyd, Jr.
1951 - 2012

Edward Franklin Lloyd, Jr., born on December 9, 1951, passed away on Thursday, June 21, 2012 at the age of 60. A resident of Pathway Homes since 1992, Edward is remembered by his friends and family for his kind nature.

“Almost every morning Edward and I would sit outside on the front stoop enjoying a cup of coffee,” shares Brian Covington, housemate and friend. “He was a good person and I never heard him say a bad word. We watched sports on T.V. with Joe, Ron, and Jeff and sometimes he would enjoy a cigar with Doug and Andrew out on the front stoop too.”

“He was such a gentleman,” says Nicole Tolson, Mental Health Counselor II. “He would always thank Darlene and me when we took him out.”

“When we went grocery shopping,” shares Darlene Ewing, Mental Health Counselor II, “no matter how many bags he was holding, he would always let Nicole and me, ‘the ladies’, go inside first.”

Edward is remembered as a quiet and private person but he is also remembered for his love of attending Pathways’ events: the cookout, the beach trips, and the Hershey Park trips, to name a few.  His favorite bands were Led Zeppelin and Robert Palmer, and every year he would spend five weeks down in Texas to celebrate the winter holidays with his family.

Edward is survived by his parents, Edward and Mary Lloyd, his sister Debbie Lloyd Jobe and her husband Dave Jobe, as well as his aunts Betty Ann Journell, Virginia Lloyd, Bettie Lloyd, and his nephew, nieces, and numerous cousins.


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